5th Coffee with a Startup – Khethworks

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell, IISER Pune presents 5th Coffee with a Startup

Date: 02 September 2017, Saturday, Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM, Venue: Lecture Hall Complex 101, IISER Pune

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/cws-khethworks

About the event: Coffee with a Startup is a speaker series organised by Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell of IISER Pune. The series involves informal discussion with various startup founders. The founders come and share their stories about their humble beginnings, the challenges they have faced and the success and failures that have occurred in the path during the creation of their company.

About the speaker: Katie Taylor earned her Master’s degree from the MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering in 2015. She is co-founder and CEO of Khethworks, a Tata Center spinout company, which builds affordable, solar-powered irrigation systems that enable farmers to cultivate year-round. Their simple centrifugal water pump design is of triple the efficiency of similar-size pumps and has potential to transform lives of millions of farmers in India. She is recognised as Innovators Under 35, most prestigious recognition worldwide bestowed by MIT Technology Review.

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6 thoughts on “5th Coffee with a Startup – Khethworks

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