Industry Lecture Series


The University of Goettingen and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell of IISER Pune are hosting the ‘Industry Lecture Series’ on 31st August, 2018. The event will host entrepreneurs with enormous experience and expertise in the Indian market space.

The descriptions of the speakers and their talks for the first ‘Industry Lecture Series’ is given below.

1. Gwenda Schobert – Managing Director at Enspireco Services Pvt. Ltd, a global marketing agency based in Mumbai. She is also the founder and CEO of Gwenda Glocalista and She’s a citizen of Germany, residing in India. Her talk will highlight how Indian markets differ from the international markets, and will include insights on MVP testing, marketing, branding and startegy positioning for each market space.

2. Madhur Jawhar – Director at Pristine Surface, an industrial plant set up by him that provides surface coating solutions for automobile parts.  Previously, he has worked in Greenway Grameen Infra for 6 years. He carries valuable experience in strategizing the marketing and sales in India’s rural market, effective project management and planning. In this talk, the insights from his journey as an industrial entrepreneur will be shared.

The lectures are scheduled from 6 pm – 7 pm, at LHC 101, IISER Pune, on 31st August 2018. You can register for the event on .

In addition to her talk, Ms. Gwenda Schobert will hold one to one mentoring sessions with selected start ups from Pune, and guide them with their requirements and shortcomings as needed. The startups will be shortlisted by Gwenda, based on which startup she can assist the best. Registration for the mentorship can be done with the same link by selecting the appropriate options. We hope to see you in for this learning and networking event.

Thank You
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell

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