TiE Global Summit, Delhi

TiE Global Summit 2016, Delhi attended by Snehal Bhartiya
16-17th December

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. There are currently 13,000 members, including over 2,500 charter members in 61 chapters across 18 countries. As part of its global events, TiE Global Summit 2016 was held at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi on 16th and 17th December.
The registrations started at 8 A.M. The participants consisted of Company professionals, industrialists, investors and students. Apart from the talks by the global leaders, the other objective of the event was networking (to sell your idea!).
The first person I met was Mr.Gaurav Trivedi from a Startup: Lithium Cabs. This company happens to be the first one to provide electric cab service. “With Over 200 cabs running more than 60,000 kms daily, the cars are completely Hydrocarbon free emitters.” as Gaurav pointed.

Speakers and entrepreneurs from many continents addressed the opportunities and latest trends in industry.A few of them were Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive officer of NITI Aayog, Aruna Sundarajan, Secretary of Ministry of Electronics and IT ,Travis Kalanick (co-founder of UBER ) , Sanjay Mehrotra (co-founder of SanDisk ) & Divyank Turakhia, people who have changed the business dimesions.

The event started with a discussion with Travis about his entrepreneurial journey and setting up Uber and Scoush. This was followed by another panel discussion on “Make in India” powered by Westbridge Capital with speakers Mr.Sandeep Singhal (Westbridge Capital ), Mr.JuliusAmrit (Director of Team Indus ).
• The program further featured Mr. Raman Abhishek, representative of Dept. of industrial policy and promotion. His talk was focused on the initiatives taken by DIPP to provide the structure for developing startup ecosystem in the country. He shared various information of centres set by the govt. for patent facilitation, tinkering labs and incubation centres.

• One of the key orators was Mr.Julius from Team Indus. Team Indus is currently in the beta- phase of building the first ever private spacecraft to land on moon. Rahul (co-founder) and his team started Team Indus back in 2010 and it’s the only Indian team to win a milestone fund of $1 million (Rs. 6.15 Crore) from Google Lunar Xprize, which supports many privately funded space flight teams to launch a robotic lunar lander-rover by December 2017.


Few startups founders I got to interact with:

1.8D Quantum :Designs smart gadgets , a product design and development firm specializing in loT and consumer goods, industrial products and medical devices.
2.Enjovi international
3.Grass root sales: A startup which trains people in sales (especially in solar sector) online for an year.
4.Immi life : Links patients with imminent heart attacks to specialist cardiologists ensures effective stabilisation prior to transfer to tertiary care units within 10 mins of the attack.
5.Legend technologies: Provides solutions for the design and fabrication of aerospace assembly jigs, aerospace structures, and high precision slip rings.
6.Clumpling : Provides Consultancy services to startups.
7.NodeXperts : A Web development company.

The event was intrinsically motivating and the summit provided a unique opportunity to network with industry leaders who demonstrated fearlessness and innovation.
I feel privileged that I got a chance to represent Entrepreneurship & Innovation Cell, IISER Pune at such a global event.


TechStars Startup Weekend Ideation Workshop

Ideation Workshop Poster.jpg

Planning for a Startup? Wish to learn how to capture opportunities that keep you class apart?

Presenting to you: TechStars Startup Weekend Design Thinking and Ideation Workshop by Prof Kaustubh Dhargalkar. Join us to show your Creative Skills!!!

Venue: IISER Pune
Date: October 14, 2017

Embark on the journey with Prof. Kaustubh Dhargalkar, mentor of Innovation and Management at CIIE- IIM Ahmedabad; to apply Design thinking to arrive at effective, innovative solutions for the market.​

What is Design Thinking and Why is it essential for Startups?
Design Thinking is a systematic process of thinking which empowers even the most traditional thinker to develop new, innovative solutions to the problem at hand. Everybody can be creative by following this process – it is human-centred creativity with purpose.
A successful company needs to have a unique product that adds value to the market. Utilizing elements from the designer’s toolkit, such a product can be created.

About the Facilitator

Prof Kaustubh Dhargalkar is a serial entrepreneur, has co-founded five companies till date, is currently a mentor at CIIE-IIM Ahmedabad and is also active on startup forums like Weekend Ventures, Economic Times- Power of Ideas etc.
Visualising unique & sustainable Business Models is his forte. He specialises in bringing out the creative force in organisations. Prof Dhargalkar is associated with corporates like Mercedes Benz, Daimler, Citibank, HP, Deloitte, Mahindra Group, Yes Bank, Accenture, RPG Group, L&T and many others as a Design Thinking Trainer and an ‘Innovation & Strategy Consultant’.
He also has been the invited speaker at two TEDx events till date.

Register at: www.tinyurl.com/ideation123

5th Coffee with a Startup – Khethworks

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell, IISER Pune presents 5th Coffee with a Startup

Date: 02 September 2017, Saturday, Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM, Venue: Lecture Hall Complex 101, IISER Pune

Register at: https://tinyurl.com/cws-khethworks

About the event: Coffee with a Startup is a speaker series organised by Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell of IISER Pune. The series involves informal discussion with various startup founders. The founders come and share their stories about their humble beginnings, the challenges they have faced and the success and failures that have occurred in the path during the creation of their company.

About the speaker: Katie Taylor earned her Master’s degree from the MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering in 2015. She is co-founder and CEO of Khethworks, a Tata Center spinout company, which builds affordable, solar-powered irrigation systems that enable farmers to cultivate year-round. Their simple centrifugal water pump design is of triple the efficiency of similar-size pumps and has potential to transform lives of millions of farmers in India. She is recognised as Innovators Under 35, most prestigious recognition worldwide bestowed by MIT Technology Review.

5th CWS.png


Rural Innovation Workshop

Rural Innovation Workshop

“Apprise Education, Reprise Innovation!!”
Hello Everyone, The EIC, IISER Pune is to launch ‘Rural Innovation Challenge’ to address the challenges of village communities. We plan to take IISER’s research out of the lab, to develop sustainable solutions to address the pressing needs of society.
We are organizing a workshop in association with SELCO Foundation. The details of the Rural Innovation Challenge Workshop are as follows:

The workshop would have three sections:
1. An introduction of Selco’s work and what they have achieved so far.
2. Spotting the needs and challenges in rural parts
3. Design thinking to solve the problem.

Time: 11 AM to 4 PM
Date: 4th Feb 2017
Venue: C201, HR4
Please fill the form as given in the link (https://tinyurl.com/selcopune)




Coffee with a Starup


Cofee With Tanuj Gigras  


The very first event of ‘Coffee with A Startup’ held by EIC, IISER Pune on 6th October,2016. The speaker of this event was Tanuj Gigras, the co-founder of Nayam innovations. Tanuj is a applied physicist turned investment banker turned entrepreneur. Nayam innovation is working on developing an artificial implant to treat cataract. They are building innovative intra-ocular lens that treats cataract and its post-surgical refractive error complications. Nayam innovations has received $100k funding from Villgro.

While this interactive session Tanuj gave us a very good advice. He pointed as for a scientific startup, it is important to consider the inherent risk of the product and approach. Also it is so important to reduce technical risk of the product.

Coffee with Dr.Peter Thomassen


The second event of ‘Coffee with A Startup’ held by EIC, IISER Pune on 20th October,2016. The speaker of this event was Dr. Peter Thomassen. Peter is involved in different startups. He is currently CEO at deSEC which is a Berlin-based start-up committed to making the Internet more secure. deSEC is providing innovative crypto-technology to enhance the functionality of the DNS – the backbone of the internet.. It is a China digital marketing company specializing in digital marketing strategies consultation, technical solutions, and implementation. Peter was CTO and member of the board at dotHIV, which is is a charitable organization that owns and operates a portal(.hiv), dotHIV for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) awareness and donations.

“Most of life is luck…Just grab it !!” well said by peter.

Dasham – 10 Hours – 10 Entrepreneurs

Lo And Behold!! Here’s what happened in the first event of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell of IISER Pune ‘Dasham’.

The EIC, interviewed 10 Startup Founders on 31st May 2016. We tried taking a sneak-peek into the minds of modern-day founders who pursued untrodden paths to create something novel. We asked them to share nuggets of wisdom, and snippets from their wonderful journeys, to gather insight into the startup world. It was immensely intriguing and inspiring to learn of their experiences as well as the hardships they overcame to achieve their goals.

The suggestions by the founders could serve as a roadmap for aspiring student entrepreneurs when they start their own journeys. They will also help build contacts and develop close relations within the startup ecosystem.

1) Nisal – Anuya Nisal

“Be Confident, success may seem far when you are creating an innovative product but if you are willing to persevere long enough It’ll arrive eventually”

DSC_0050This tech-based start-up is developing bone void filler materials based on silk fibroid. The aim of this start-up is to provide a material and a method that can arrest bleeding from bony surfaces and simultaneously enhance bone regeneration.

According to Anuya, the competitive team committed to product development, plus a novel innovative product idea, and feasibility, are the three important points for raising funds. She deems it necessary to build a network with the customers to get continuous feedback in the product development phase. Start with a customer, understand the problem area, ask them about details and then develop the product keeping these suggestions in mind.

2) Fizzible – Vishal, Anoop

“The main revenue generation for any startup should not be money from an investor but to identify a market where customers are ready to pay from the day one.”

DSCN1171Fizzible was created by a bunch of engineers to solve the problems of price fluctuations, quality assurance and to become a one stop shop for all electronic items at affordable prices”, said one of the co-founder Vishal

On team building, Anoop said interns play an important part of the initial team. They could contribute a lot in developing the startups in its initial phase for free. But they have to be assigned roles & responsibilities and a need freedom to work on the projects of their interests.  

One should have faith in their work but customer feedback is a must at all stages of product development. “We should trust in God but believe in data.”- Anoop 

3) LiveHealth – Abhimanyu

” 4 Q’s to ask yourself before starting up, ‘Is there a need for the solution? Are people ready to pay for it? Is anyone else is supplying the same product? Can your team make it ready?’ “

DSC_0033Mr. Abhimanyu is passionate about simplifying the healthcare system. He started Livehealth, which provides medical care through a mobile app and connects you with corresponding healthcare providers. It also provides the clientele with medical reports directly on the portal thus saving precious time.

On making your product appealing: “Identify the segment of your idea which lacks innovation and makes that segment the key feature of your product.” The initial marketing for startups can be achieved by referrals of the satisfied customers. If the customers are truly happy with the service then it will lead to scaling of your business.

4) Gharobar – Avani

Better to pick a small market and grab it completely than to pick a huge market with less share”.

DSCN1149Connecting the world to home-based entrepreneurs- This startup changed the lives of many women running businesses from home by giving them greater exposure and introducing more customers online. Started with the aim of helping women;  Gharobar has evolved greatly into a renowned place for entrepreneurs for redesigning their home business. Not only is it targeting women but also NGOs who have the privilege to sell their hand-made products.

When asked about idea verification she said, “You get honest views from your closest friends and relatives who are the biggest critics usually and it helps if you listen to them”.

5) AdSpark – Kunal

“In the corporate world, there are two sets of people, people who identify the problems and people who solve the problems but an entrepreneur should be both”

DSC_0039Adsparx is the second venture of Mr Kunal. It aims to provide relevant ads, enable the fastest time to reach the market and give high-quality experience by providing dynamic in-stream ads for online TV.

According to Mr Kunal, one should have a long-term vision instead of short-term money generation plans.

6) Buzan India – Maneesh Johari

“If you have a compelling vision, a learning mindset and are willing to think creatively, there are no roadblocks or dead ends, you’ll always find your way,”  -Maneesh Johari

Buzan is all about training your mind to become more efficient with the help of a technique called “Mind Maps – The most powerful Thinking Tool”.  Besides his own engineering industry CNC machines, Mr Johari joined hands with Buzan with the thought of contributing something to society. He is now the CEO of Buzan Pune centre and is passionate about spreading the awareness and use of mind maps in India. He is an experienced entrepreneur and has been in the start-up world for a long time. 

About sustainability, he says: “To remain in the market you should be adaptive to the changes in the technology, and be ready to learn new things. For that an attitude of being a learner at any point is must(sic).”

7) PurpleChai Technologies – Vaishali Sharma

“In a Start-up, as a founder, you have to do all things(sic) on your own and for that, you need to be strong enough mentally”

DSCN1160Having the motto ‘Turning ideas into apps’, the ‘Purplechai Technologies’ is one of the upcoming mobile application developers in Android and iOS platforms based out of Pune.

Mentioning about the usage of open source codes she said, “The open source code creates more opportunities for new tech related startups for innovation and creates healthy competition.” She also believed that it is important to do market research in a continuous changing market and to improve ourselves time and again by changing strategies according to the situations.

8) RoughSheet – Jyoti and Mr Ankur

“Your team members should have the skills you lack.” – Ankur (Co-Founder)

DSC_0057This cutting-edge startup is truly a lifeline for us students. It is an online platform for the students preparing for company placement interview. Roughsheet provides them study material and mock aptitude tests. The algorithm will analyse your performance, determine your weak areas and give you personalised material to improve your performance.

Mr Ankur gives special attention to team formation. He also believes that if we work on the solution for a problem we’ve faced all our life, we’ll be motivated throughout your start-up journey.

9) Pune Open Coffee Club – Keerthi Kadam

“Hustling is the only way to market” – K.K

DSC_0022Having been in the startup world for about 7-8 years and a lead volunteer for POCC since past 3 years, Keerthi had a lot to share with us. Pune Open Coffee Club is a great example of a successful non-profit startup which strives in bringing together entrepreneurs across Pune. POCC provide them with a common platform to interact, discuss their ideas, get valuable suggestions, and make new and useful networks and connections which will help them to grow their start-up efficiently. As it is said “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee

When asked about Importance of financial support he said: “In my 3 years of experience what I have learnt is that money is not an important part of a start-up because it’s all your skills that you have to put to work and I have learnt it the hard way… Don’t run for the money, instead, be creative, and try to get alternatives ways which doesn’t involve spending much money

 10) Townscript- Sachin Sharma, Sanchit Malik

“You should select the team who align themselves with the long-term vision of the company, should be full of enthusiasm and ready to learn, as the ultimate goal is to keep on improving every day.”

DSCN1136Townscript aids event managers organise great events. Their mission is to bridge the gap between organisers and enthusiasts by making event registration and ticketing easy. Anyone can create events, conferences, workshops or training programs and sell the tickets online through their platform. They also help organisers publicise their events by providing them with customised marketing strategies.

When asked for their best piece of advice for the growth of a startup they quoted Bill Gates,”It is important to not overestimate the things that one can do in short time and underestimate the things one can do in a long run.”


The main point that young entrepreneurs should take from this entire endeavour is that although the world of startups teems with danger and uncertainties, the existence of such exemplary people is a testament to the fact that one can indeed succeed.

This successful start to our first event, might be an indication of something remarkable. But there are miles to go before we sleep. Stay tuned for the pictures and videos.

Thanks to everyone who made this wonderful event possible. The founders of the startups, media center, all the three faculty members Prof. Vaidhyanathan, Prof. Sanjeev, Prof. Satish, Registrar, Mr. Nevse, our director K.N.Ganesh, Venture Center coordinator Suraj, and lastly Dr. Premnath for helping us out at every stage in making this event successful.  


First Board Meeting


We had our first board meeting of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell on 18/05/2016. It was chaired by our beloved Director Dr.K.N.Ganesh

The meeting involved discussion on the structure of EIC and setting up of the Constitution of the organization.

The governing body will consist of five Executive Board of Directors which includes Aditya Kabra, Snehal Bhartiya, Dilip V, Amitosh Gautam, and Kaustubh Tarmale. And it will consist of five Non-Executive Board of Directors, Registrar of IISER Pune, three faculty members Prof.Satish Ogale, Prof.Sanjeev Galande and Prof.Vaidyanathan, and also the Director of the Venture Center Dr.Premnath.

The EIC will be led by 11 member Executive Team which consists of Naman Kalra, Minal Wable, Pranjal Upadhyaya, Bhakti Rout and Ameya Pore.

The operational and financial plan were also discussed in the board, we are planning to organise 8 workshops and events throughout the year and small meetups every alternate weekend, some field visits will also be scheduled.

There was also discussion on starting up of an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course in our institute. We are trying to bring in faculties from IIM or mentors or entrepreneurs who can train the students of IISER Pune about the process of starting up.

We also got approval for the seed funding from the institute for the initial development of the cell. We will be raising more money through various government schemes like NSTEDB, Startup India, Sponsorers, Donors, etc.

We are going to partner with National Entrepreneurship Network  a flagship under Wadhwani  Foundation. NEN has collaboration with 600 colleges in India and they have a mentor network of 2500 experts. NEN has agreed to support us and guide us in developing our organization.

I would take the opportunity to thank Bhuneshwar Paswan who is also a founding member of EIC and Suraj Chawla, IISER Alumni for supporting us in incorporating this organization.

Thus, the meeting was concluded with formal establishment of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell.

Cheers to All !!!