Maker’s Lab

  1. MITn1What is a Maker’s Lab?

  • Realizing the need to create scientific temper, and to cultivate the spirit of curiosity, we are proposing to build a workspace at IISER Pune.
  • The plan is to develop a community center with a shared collection of tools (which are the magnet that attracts everything else) and develop a new kind of vocational education facility (to learn how to use the tools).
  • It aims to encourage the students to go beyond their curriculum and explore science and technology as a hobby and fun, start tinkering to build and innovate ideas into products through hands-on do it yourself mode, and learn technical skills.
  • The objective of this lab will be to give 24*7 access to our student’s community to modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, design and validation resources.
  • The Plan:

The following activities will be conducted as part of the Maker Movement:

  • Monthly programs to teach and explain students about different concepts ranging from ideation, design, prototyping, networking to physical computing.
  • Periodic exhibitions / fairs / carnivals.
  • Incorporate a mini library with books on basics on programming (applied), welding, business management, start-ups, robotics etc.
  • What tools will be there eventually in the Maker’s Lab?

In future, the lab will include a wide variety of equipment including 3D Printer, necessary Electronics equipment like Arduino, Sensors, and portable computers like Raspberry Pi, Heavy Machines like Milling, Drill, CNC Machines, and various other fabrication instruments.

  • Purpose to have a maker’s lab:

  • Most of us have faced a problem in this year to go from Ideation stage to Prototype stage, having such a lab with common resources will teach students skills to develop prototypes.
  • This lab will be used to work on projects ranging from coursework, lab instruments, hobby projects and even startups.
  • Being the end user fabricating our own instruments which could be used in the lab will lead us to get customised low-cost solutions.
  • Also could be used for faculty kids to learn.